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Cradle your face with silk's amazing health benefits!

NEW soft stretch elastic fits all heads comfortably!

Provides stronger light filtration

18 amino acids (the same ones your skin uses to repair and rebuild itself) and copper (which has anti microbial properties) enable your skin to focus on its own regenerating process.

The underside worn next to your face is non-bleached, non-dyed silk to gently caress your face with 100% health.

The generous size provides a deeper sleep by filtering light, and protects the delicate eye area while you sleep.

"Noir De Nuit is 100% silk, inside & out (it's stuffed with silk fibers, stretched and sewn by hand), so it's light as a feather & super comfy... it helps quiet my mind, so I can sleep like a princess!"
- Donna Hinds
CEO / Creative Director